I’m not really sure about this. I’m still trying to figure it out. It just felt like the right time to do it. I guess the only reason that kept me from starting a blog was that I didn’t feel like I had any kind of finished product to show for. I had few answers – and a lot more questions.

I reached no final conclusions and found no absolute truths to communicate to the world. But then I realised it’s really about the process or the journey towards truth, whatever that may be. It’s not about some kind of final destination of ‘crystalised truth’, but rather about the process of discovery which involves trial and error. Of course, trial is fine, but error is frightening, because I hate to be proven wrong.

But then I asked myself: Do people really need a ‘Bible-Answer-Man’? Do they need someone who will assassinate their questions with ready-made, microwaved answers? I doubt it. The answers provided by a B.A.M. may function like soothing painkillers against painful questions, but the effect soon wears off and the pain returns with a vengeance. So no, I don’t think people need the Bible-Answer-Man.

Rather I think people need someone to join them in the difficult journey of discovery. Before I could be comfortable to answer people with an irenic ‘I don’t know’, I couldn’t start a blog. Now I can, so I did. That’s why.

2 thoughts on “Why?

  1. Well said. I was a Biblical Studies major and quickly realized for every question for which I found an answer, five more questions were raised. I appreicate your humble approach to wanting to walk along aside others in the journey of discovery of truth. I will be following you blog!

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