This is a complicated question, but here are the essentials:

  • My name is Daniel Manastireanu
  • I’m married, and I have two children.
  • I am a Church of Scotland Minister at Glasgow St Paul’s Church, in Provanmill.
  • I live in Glasgow and I drive a Ford Vauxhall Skoda Volkswagen Seat.

What else is there, really?

19 thoughts on “Who?

  1. I take it that the fact that you’re driving a Ford is an ‘essential’? 🙂 Didn’t realize Ford still has such passionate fans.

  2. Oh, don’t assume I’m a passionate Ford fan. It’s more like ‘I don’t drive a Merc or BMW’. To me, to drive a Ford is to be sensible. It is at least a claim. Or maybe I’m trying to confuse people…. What were we talking about?

  3. Thanks, Daniel! I actually enjoy training. I’m actually working full time as an assistant minister in a church, under the supervision of an experienced parish minister. It is still a training placement, but then again I will always feel like I’m in training. You never know all there is to know about ministry!

  4. Yeah, uh huh, sure… You forgot one thing: it’s French! The French make food and love. Not cars. Except for the C5, that’s a nice one. A lot of passion and style, I’ll give you that. Oh well, my next car is still a Mondeo. I guess I’m not as passionate and hot blooded as I used to be. I’m, like, practical and stuff now…

  5. Dear Daniel,

    I don’t know you much but I like what your dad writes and how he thinks. Congratulations on starting a blog.

    I am sharing with you some information I recently shared with your dad, but I was not able to find a location where to leave comments not related to articles (that is why writing here).

    “I am making you aware of another great blog topic from Evangel with some critical thoughts on the logic of Bart D. Ehrman (the darling of the Agnostic-Atheist-Liberal-Christians in the USA).


    I have read Bart extensively, because he is a textual criticism and Antiquity historical expert (speaks and reads 7 ancient languages) and is a pupil/evel of Bruce Metzger.

    He is most well know to the average reader for his “Misquoting Jesus” (2006), now (2009) for “Jesus Interrupted” and earlier in 2002/2003 “Lost Christianities” and “Lost Scriptures.”

    To the scholars or the nerdy ones he is know for “The Orthodox Corruption of Scriptures” and “Studies in the Textual Criticism of the New Testament”.

    He also co-wrote with Bruce M. Metzger “The Text of the New Testament: Its Transmission, Corruption, and Restoration”

    Have you heard or read much about him?”

    La Multi Ani!

  6. Subject: “Of Anglicans and Cran(merian)berries” the nitty gritty … diff. between Anglicans and Lutherans

    Hi Dan,

    Thought that the conversation, short blogs on this site will provide an insight or additional comments on regarding the theological and church life difference between Lutheranism and the Anglican Communion:

    Look forward to your thoughts and reflections,

  7. Hi Daniel

    Thank you for your blog and your videos. I was looking for Church of Scotland material for John 17 and I found your site. Just a question, which you may wish to reply offline…

    Can I use your material in a CoS church, on occasions such as Minister sick leave, vacancies or ad-hoc meetings of a church where the minister agrees to its use? A bit of a long question apologies, and could be a difficult one to answer.

    However, there is a follow up question….

    The copyright of the Video material is yours, therefore would I need to make a payment for the use of the material in a church meeting?

    Best wishes


    Charles Litster

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