This blog is my personal think tank. For this reason, it is highly subjective, fluid and unfinished. There are no claims for absolutes on this blog. Thoughts come and go, they change and adapt with time, so there should be no expectations for ironclad reasoning and rock solid conclusions. I don’t believe in such things anyway. Creativity is what I’m really after, thus I may very well disagree with any of my previous posts.

Because this is MY blog, I will (humbly, of course) exercise the right to decide which conversation I am willing to engage, and which to refuse. That means I will choose which comments to post and respond to, and which to completely ignore, given my limited time and availability. Since I am a limited human being, there’s only so much I am willing to talk or think about.

I realize that controversy is a tempting endeavour, and I have to admit I always like a good fight, but not everything is worth fighting for. Thus, I really have only one rule: I will not tolerate name calling and personal insults addressed to me or anybody else. If you disagree with what I write in this blog, please post a comment explaining on what grounds you disagree. Who knows? I may agree with you and change my mind.

Daniel M

PS These terms may change at any time without notice. (I have to live up to what I wrote above.) But then again, that may change as well…

The language issue: This blog is exclusively in English. Please do not post comments in other languages, except for Latin, Greek and Hebrew 🙂

Disclaimer: All the opinions expressed on this blog are my own and do not represent in any way the position of organizations I work for or I am connected with.

5 thoughts on “What?

  1. Thanks, it’s good to be here!

    I’m afraid I decided I have not time for them. That’s why I was so clear and direct on this page. I don’t feel obliged to answer them. I feel that would be a waste of my precious time. Don’t worry, I learned from your experience. I bet you never hoped you’d hear me say that 🙂

  2. Daniel hello! Lost your e-mail so trying to make contact, and found this! Great stuff. Any chance you could contact me…..
    Ruth (Harvey)

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