Follow up – Lily Allen

Lily AllenDue to some interesting comments exchange in my previous post ‘Questions about God‘, I feel compelled to explore a few reasons why I thought Lily Allen’s song ‘Him’ posed interesting questions about God. Let me just start by stating clearly, for those who never heard of Lily Allen, that she’s not a Christian. At least I don’t think she is.

This being said, I have to declare from the outset my unashamed passion for listening carefully to what non-Christians have to say about God, and particularly about the Christian vision of God, without feeling the need to take out the sword and ‘defend the faith’. I think what non-Christians say about Christianity is very interesting and very useful for me as a Christian thinker. It is useful only if I manage to take their comments and questions seriously, without ruffling my feathers every time they say something even remotely un-orthodox. Continue reading

Questions about God

Here’s a contemporary British artist asking interesting questions about God:

Lyrics below:

Him, by Lily Allen

Would you please take me away
from this place
I cannot bear to see
the look upon your faces
And if there
is some kind of god
do you think he’s pleased
When he looks down on us
I wonder what he sees
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