Sermon – Father, Son and Holy Spirit

John 16:12-15
Sermon preached at Gorbals Parish Church, May 30th on Trinity Sunday

Since today is Trinity Sunday in the Christian year, I thought it would be interesting if we looked at the development of the doctrine of the Holy Trinity from the Great Commission in Matthew 28 to the fourth century dispute between the Council of Nicaea and the Arians. Now wouldn’t that be exciting?

Actually, I am very aware of the sleep inducing quality of such a sermon, so instead I thought we would approach this from a totally different angle. The idea came to me on Thursday morning around 3.30am, when I woke up to the awful screams of a bird somewhere behind our house. Now at this point I should tell you that my 6 year old son Marcus is really scared of birds. He wouldn’t go in his room if the window is open out of fear that the birds would somehow find their way inside.

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