Retail therapy or post-retail therapy?

I like shopping. No, I love shopping. I confess. One of my favorite pass-times is to go from shop to shop with my wife. I don’t always buy stuff, but I just like to be there.

Today – a beautiful sunny day – I was walking through Glasgow City Centre and then I sought refuge from the cold in a Shopping Mall. I immediately became aware of the deep sensation of comfort when I was enveloped by a cloud of warm air blown from on high (the air vents, not the sky). It was lovely. I was cold before, now I felt cosy. ‘Ahaaaa, so that’s your game!’ I thought. The message is clear: ‘Don’t go out in nature, it’s cold and uncomfortable. Come in here and give us your money. It doesn’t matter you don’t need any of the stuff we’re selling. Buy it anyway. It’s on sale. Who doesn’t like a bargain? Sale is now on!’

I didn’t buy anything. I was too much aware of the attempted guilt trip for not contributing to the consumerism machine and just walked by the shops with a confident grin on my face. No, I will not. I didn’t, and it felt much better than if I had given in. I couldn’t wait to come home and calculate how much I saved. Awesome!


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