It’s tough to rest

No, I’m serious. It’s really tough to rest. At least I’m having a really tough time. What do you do? How do you rest? Do you go to bed? I can’t fall asleep. I think about work. Do you go for a walk? I can, but then I will think about work. Do you go shopping? I can, but I go broke and fill my house with useless rubbish. Do you watch a movie? I can’t, I have kids. Do you watch TV? I can’t, I have kids, plus it’s tiring for the eyes, and then I can’t work. Do you read a book? I can’t, it makes my eyes tired. And I have kids. And it makes me think about work. Do you go out for a nice meal? See the above comment about kids and being broke. Do you go out with friends? Need I say it? K… I can’t even type it anymore. I’m THAT tired. Hm… This is not looking too good…

Now I really understand what Jesus was aiming at when he said ‘Come unto me… and I will give you rest!’, because I figure only God can give that to me. I’m really bad at it. Really bad. When I try I just end up spending money I don’t have, complaining about kids or thinking about work. I figure only someone with divine powers can get me out of this hole. But how does that happen? How does it happen in reality? This is serious business! It will take a lot of work. Oh no…


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