Live. Live abundantly!

In the beginning of the new year I feel compelled to spend a lot more time reflecting on what Jesus came to give us: life in abundance. You’d think Jesus came to give us a new religion, but you’d be wrong. He came so that we may have life, and have it abundantly. What does that mean practically in the day to day life? Was he talking about some kind of ‘spiritual’ life? Was he talking about economic prosperity? I doubt it. None of those can satisfy in and of themselves, because the spiritual and the non-spiritual should never be separated. It’s so hard to recover from centuries of a split mind…

On top of that I keep thinking about consumerism and it’s lack of capacity to satisfy while trashing our planet by depleting it of resources (see Is there an alternative to that? Can we have a life in abundance that is not only spiritual or mental? Can we have a life that is grounded in the physical and material but does not rely exclusively on ‘shopping’ and ‘retailing’? Can we imagine an economic system that is not based on consumerism? What would that take?

I figured this journey of reflection can only be a self-disclosure kind of journey. It’s useless to speculate and theorise if I’m not willing to look at my own life, my own habits and tendencies in this area. This can be dangerous and far too revealing. I like it.


6 thoughts on “Live. Live abundantly!

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  2. Very interesting thougths! To expand on what you wrote, I think that in pursuit of Christlikeness we, the Church, are called to help provide life…and life in abundance…to others. And this raises the question of what “in abundance means.” For example, is life in abundance merely providing a soup kitchen, or is walking a long someone until they no longer need to attend your soup kitchen? Just thoughts and rambling that your blog post provoked :). You should check out the organization I work for called Life in Abundance International — we do community development work in Southeastern Africa. For most of our work we partner with local Afrikan chuches, training church leaders and congregations how to identify their communities’ needs and then how to address them in a sustainable way. Thanks for blogging! Really appreciated your thoughts.

    Jessica (

  3. You’re right, Jessica, about our call to provide life in abundance for others. I am pretty sure however that we can’t do that authentically if we haven’t experienced it ourselves. And Christians generally have a bad reputation as killjoys. That’s because I don’t think we really get it when Jesus talks about abundant life. We turn it into all kinds of weird self-centred stuff and then huff and puff and they fail to satisfy.

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