A thought for the New Year

For some reason, as I was looking ahead to the coming year, a thought came into my mind that faith is about risk-taking. And even further than that, faith requires us by its very nature to risk losing it. If we don’t want to take the risk of losing faith, then we don’t really have faith. God requires us to follow Jesus without offering any guarantees apart from eternal life (he doesn’t define that one either). That is an invitation to risk-taking. Show me a person who takes risks, and I will show you a person of great faith. Show me a person who never takes risks, and I will show you a person who has abandoned faith in favour of certainties. The church has never accomplished anything significant when it relied on certainties and refused to take risks. The church always moved forward when it took risks and followed the Holy Spirit into uncharted territories. That sounds like a good idea for the new year…


2 thoughts on “A thought for the New Year

  1. “Risk taking” and church: I can see a stormy marriage here.
    Taking risks is more often an individual adventure. Organisations are there for settling down, common grounds etc.

    Unless you envisage a new type of church: The Risk Takers’ Church 🙂

    A Happy New Year from Down South!

  2. Thanks, Sam! I certainly do envisage this type of church. What other type of church would ask me of all people to be their minister? Clearly, they are experts in risk-taking 🙂

    Have a blessed new year, or as the Scots say, a Guid New Year!

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