Father and Minister

Since I was only recently ordained as a Church of Scotland minister, I am noticing a strange internal transformation. Suddenly, I care. Wait, let me read what I just wrote… Yup, I now care. It is a similar thing to when I became a father. Suddenly I woke up worrying and caring about another human being in a completely different way to, say, the way I care for my wife. The need to protect, to nurture my offspring was overwhelming.

After ordination, I now experience the same kind of feelings towards my parishioners. Since today it snowed again in Bishopton, I find myself concerned that people will be slipping on the snowy car park tomorrow morning when they come to church. I have this nagging feeling that I need to protect them, much like I protect my children from harm. What’s wrong with me? They are not children! Most of them are older than me. And besides, who can handle worrying about 700 children? Is there a pill I can take for this?


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