Missing the point of Christmas?

With Christmas coming every year, perhaps nothing surprises us any more. (That’s bad.) We KNOW Christmas is coming. (I wish we didn’t sometimes. It would be a nice surprise.)

We know we will hear countless rantings about how today’s society is so bad because it’s obsessed with tinsel and Christmas trees, while missing the point about the baby Jesus. The more I think about this, the more I am annoyed about hearing such ranting criticisms of ‘society’. It’s easy to criticize something that cannot respond.

Besides, is it not the point of Christmas that the Son of God came humbly, subversively and quietly into the world, and not with global celebrations and loud Hosannas? Is that not suppose to come later?… Granted the choir of heavenly host did sing the Gloria, but that was in the middle of nowhere to a bunch of shepherds, and not on prime time TV…

Is it not funny how every Christmas religious leaders go nuts about criticizing society and its Christmas trees, while missing the opportunity to reflect on the subversiveness of Jesus being born in a stable, in obscurity? Is it not sad how proclaimers of the Christian message miss the point of the very message they say they proclaim? Could we please stop telling people what Christmas should be about for them, and instead use the opportunity to look at ourselves and our own experience? Could we please stop pointing fingers and finally drop the imperialist Christian habits this Christmas? Please, let’s do that, for the love of humble baby Jesus!


One thought on “Missing the point of Christmas?

  1. I agree – only last week was I preaching about joy at Christmas and how we do not need to criticize only rejoice in the celebration – although I do think that we need to remind people about what lies underneath the christmassy stuff why we use them – e.g. Santa – St Nick – gave presents because of the present he was given through salvation! It’s pretty cool stuff which we forget because we are too busy throwing the baby out with the bath water!

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