Thinking about the past

I’ve been thinking some more about this idea of starting an autobiography category, but the more I think about it, the more I realise that it’s more complicated than I initially considered. A chronological biography is unappealing to me, and possibly useless for my readers as well.

But perhaps focussing on the mile-stones that influenced my journey would be a useful exercise. The difficulty, or rather the challenge is to look in balance at both the bad and the good experiences. I am very much aware of the hurt and oppression from my past, while at the same time acknowledging their formative quality. Perhaps a reflection on this aspect of my journey could make this category worth-while.

Talking about the bad stuff should not be a way of venting frustration and simply expressing hurt and resentment, but rather it should be an opportunity to look back and reflect on that experience and how that shaped my perspective on faith and ministry. This is going to be very challenging, because I don’t want to make any references to specific people and attack them personally. That would make this whole exercise to be futile and vindictive. The road ahead is littered with danger…


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