Here we go…

I really did not want to do this. I resisted with everything I had. I did not want a blog. Why have a blog? Why expose my fragile unfinished thoughts to a cruel and critical world? My thoughts are my babies – they’re tiny, naked and hungry. Why expose them to the elements so soon? Why spend hours responding to (potentially) silly comments? Why bother?

I was pushed into it. It’s not my fault. I was pressured. I will not point fingers, but they know who they are, and I’m fairly sure they will be sorry – if they even bother to read it, that is, which they may not. That would be so funny – for them – sad for me.

So here we go. What can you expect? Read this for a taste! You can also expect random thoughts, quotes, videos, photos, personal irritations, revolutionary ideas, creative bursts, chaotic ramblings, epiphanies, attempts at being funny, and all kinds of things. Hey, this could be fun, actually! 🙂


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